Dreaded Gentle Leaders

My buddy Ozzie had been complaining about wearing a Gentle Leader.  I admit, they are the most awful husky torture devices ever invented.  I can't believe Santa ever thought I wanted one for Christmas last year.

Today Mom decided to walk us.  She doesn't like to walk us together so she made us wear our Gentle Leaders so we would be more controllable.  She also has a walking belt now so her hands are free.  Why do you think she needs free hands?  Because she wanted to walk to the nearest latte shack and get something warm.  Now we see where her priorities lie!

Anyway, after she cornered me and bribed me with a Happy Hearts cookie, Mom put my Gentle Leader on.  I had to immediately go to work trying to free myself.

I didn't have any success with freeing myself inside, so I agreed to go outside and pretend to walk.  I was really looking for opportunities to free myself outside.

Here's a video of Kat making doggie snow angels and then later in the video, we sort of walk like proper sled dogs (aka side-by-side).  
I have more videos of my antics, so I will share those in the days to come.

More fun stuff to do on snowy walks