I'm so famous

Back in July, Steve posted about participating in a Cover Dog Contest. I didn't get to go in July because Dad wasn't home and for some crazy reason, Mom didn't want to take both of us. So Mom decided that Steve was the most photogenic and so he went to be in the contest.

Since every dog entered in the contest gets their picture in the magazine, last month, Mom and Dad took both of us to another contest so I could get my picture in the magazine. Unfortunately neither one of us won that contest either. Mom was very disappointed. I was disappointed at Mom because she's a bad agent. How am I supposed to become a celebrity with her as my agent?

This week, Mom discovered that City Dog Magazine is going to publish a calendar. Check out this link to discover just who is featured in the calendar and on the advertisement. Now who's the most photogenic? Maybe I'll be famous after all.


PS. If any Seattle dogs want me to pawtograph their calendar, I would be happy to do it. :-)

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