Our Birthday presents

We're pretty behind on blogging about some events. So this week, we can hopefully catch up. Remember back two weeks when we had a birthday? Well, here are some pictures from our birthday evening.

Mom gave us some bully sticks while we waited for Dad to get home from work. Bully sticks are so yummy. Kat and I have the same bully stick chewing form.Once Dad got home, we got to eat our birthday cake. Instead of taking us to Dairy Queen, Dad picked up ice cream cones for us on his way home. So we got cake, ice cream, and cone in our bowls. We even got our full supper, so we had lots of food.
Mom and Dad sang "Happy Birthday" to us and Dad videoed, however the video is too long, so we couldn't post it. Be happy because Mom's singing is horrible.

After the cake and ice cream, we got our presents. Mom and Dad gave me a red wubba and Kat a blue snugga wubba. Kat's snugga wubba was supposed to be purple, but when it arrived, it was blue, but Mom didn't bother returning it. She ordered them online because she's a cheap-o.Doesn't Kat look cute taking her snugga wubba?
And of course, I look handsome with my red wubba.Those are Wilbur's ears in the bottom of that picture and I'm happy to say he didn't get anything.

Kat doesn't really like the snugga wubba because it doesn't squeak. So keep that in mind when you're making your Christmas lists for Santa. We both like the regular wubba.

So that's our birthday. We got some presents from a good friend too and we'll post about that next.

Presents from Khyra

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