Presents from Khyra

My lovely gal pal, Khyra sent Kat and I some great presents for our birthday. I knew she would send something good, so I couldn't wait for Mom to open up the box. I was so impatient that I almost chewed it open myself!Khyra sent us some wubbas! We were so excited. I have been wanting a wubba forever and my mean mom wouldn't buy me one. (I didn't know that Mom had bought me one and hid it away until my birthday.) Mom let us have the wubbas from Khyra before our birthday, so we played with them a lot before we got the ones that we showed you in our last post.

Khyra wanted me to have the purple wubba since it's her signature color. I really liked it!Kat was supposed to get the red wubba. She likes hers too.We also played some good fetch with the wubbas.

Khyra also sent us some stuffies. She sent Kat a bird and sent me a squirrel. I love the squirrel.Did I mention I REALLY love the squirrel?Finally, Khyra sent us some bully sticks and we took those with us when we met Huffle's humans. They were delicious!

Thanks Khyra!


Our Birthday presents