Banana Pops!

Back on New Years Eve, Khyra posted about some thing yummy her mom was making for her.  I begged and pleaded with my mom to make them for me and she gave in on my first try.  We first had to go to PetsMart and buy the marrow bones.  Then she bought some bananas and had to wait for them to go mushy.  Finally we were ready to begin mixing.

Mom mashed up the bananas and mixed in the yogurt.  I wanted to eat it just like that, but she said no.
Then she stuffed the bones with the banana mixture.  Delicious!  I told her to pile it on and she did!
She had more stuff left over after she filled our four marrow bones, so she got out her silicone cupcake things and filled them to make banana pupcakes.
We thought we were going to eat right away, but she said everything had to go in the freezer.
Finally we got to eat out bones.  

Yummy, yum!



I love this toy