I don't think we've posted anything about our walks in our new neighborhood.  So I had Mom take some pictures of us and also a video.

Here we are doing some smelligation.  There are lots of dogs up here, so we therefore have a lot of stuff to sniff.  The other dogs like to leave a little something behind if you know what I mean.  Mom is glad that Steve isn't into marking his territory because he'd have to stop too many times.
Here's a picture of two very cute, fluffy butts if I do say so myself.  The cutest butt is on the right, but the fluffiest one is on the left.  We always walk with me on the right and Steve on the left.
Finally, here is a video.  I really hope you enjoy it because Mom almost died during the making of this video.  Right at the beginning, when she laughs, it's because Steve stopped abruptly right in front of her and she fell into the fence.  She is so retarded.  She almost died a lot more later in the walk, and no camera was involved.  I really think Mom should try walking on four legs because walking on two legs doesn't seem to agree with her.

Our video is having trouble, so we'll hopefully put it up later.

That's all for now!


Banana Pops!