Whew! What a tiring weekend!

We had a really exhausting weekend. We went to the dog park yesterday AND today. When we went yesterday, there was only one other dog there. It was awfully hot and we didn't stay very long. Here we are resting after only a couple minutes of play. It was Ulee's first time at the dog park and she had fun.
Once we got home, Dad filled up our pool so we could cool off. Dad started playing a game with me where he would squirt water around and I would chase it. It was really fun.

We went to the dog park again today too. Ulee's new family likes to go to the dogpark, so Mom wanted to make sure Ulee was going to do okay with them. She did great. Today there were a lot of dogs there and Ulee was friendly to dogs, people, and little people. She didn't even try to jump on any of the people. The dog park had the pools out again, so we went swimming again.

Lots of people thought Ulee was very pretty. Some people didn't know that huskies came in other colors besides black and grey, so Ulee attracted a lot of attention! She even made a friend while she was being a pool princess.Ulee's new family is coming to get her next weekend. She will meet them on Saturday and then if everything goes okay, they will take her home on Sunday. We are really happy for Ulee. We saw Dogster page for the husky that Ulee's family had before and it looks like she was a spoiled pup! We're glad that Ulee will be spoiled too. I think Steve might miss her a little. They are becoming pretty good friends. Mom caught them hanging out together yesterday morning (before she got the bed made). I don't know if I will miss Ulee very much, but I am being nicer to her. Well, hopefully you all had a fun weekend too. We've got lots of rest to catch up on this week!


Of course I want to go!!

Ulee versus the Bissel