Ulee versus the Bissel

Ulee is my hero. Kat and I went to day camp today and Ulee stayed home with Mom and Dad. She told me this story about her day, so I'm going to relay it in her own words.

"Hey Steve, you'll never guess what happened to me today. I was outside, taking care of some business and when your mom let me back inside, there was an intruder in the house! It was standing over by that one bed next to the DVD cabinet. As soon as I saw it, I puffed up my fur on my back. That really must have scared it because it didn't move a muscle! Just for good measure, I decided to bark at it and tell it to get out of the house. You know me, I don't really ever bark, but I can't allow intruders in the house when you and Kat are away! The funny thing is, your mom and dad didn't seem to be alarmed by the intruder. In fact, your mom got out the camera and started filming me. She was even kind of taunting me and recruited your dad to help. Here, I confiscated the video for evidence.

Even though she stopped videoing, I didn't let my guard down and kept barking and telling the intruder to go away for at least another five minutes. Your mom must have decided that the intruder was hungry, because she put some treats on the floor all around it. Well, I told the intruder not to eat the treats. Then, very carefully, I crept up on it and ate the treats. I had it so afraid that it didn't even try to stop me! After that, I decided it wasn't a threat to my safety and gave it a good sniffing. I think I must have gotten rid of it because I went outside again later and when I came back inside it was gone." Wow, Ulee is some dog. She guarded our house very well against the Bissel that was trying to steal all of our fur. I am really glad that she didn't let it eat any of the treats either. Aren't you pups proud of Ulee too?


Whew! What a tiring weekend!

Ulee: Husky or Lab?