Hungry, hungry Steve

Don't let my cute, happy face in this picture fool you. I was having a very bad night last night. I did not get my supper until after 9:00 PM!! I usually get supper at 6:00 PM, so for the math-challenged puppies out there, that means I had to sit in total hunger and starvation for THREE HOURS!!

Mom and Dad came home from work briefly yesterday to let us all out for a bathroom break, then they left again. We barely got any time to play, so we were all very annoyed when we had to go back in our kennels. Mom and Dad apparently had to go to a meeting about Maryland. We will probably be moving there in about a year or maybe a little more, and Mom and Dad's work had a bunch of speakers to talk about everything associated with the moving and the area and such. Guess what? They got food at their meeting. So they were sitting there, eating, and having fun and I was stuck in my crate, starving. I think I should have been invited to the meeting. I'm going to have to move too, after all. I wanted to ask questions about dog parks, if they have PetsMarts there, and if there is snow. I also wanted to make sure there are no doggie obiedience schools in Maryland. But did I get to go to the meeting to ask my intelligent dog-related questions? NO! Dad says that no kids got to go to the meeting, furry or otherwise, so I wasn't being discriminated against.

Well, I just wanted to rant about my starvation. I hope all of you puppies got fed on time last night!

PS. Mom and Dad say that it's totally unfair because their company will pay the expenses related to moving human children, but not expenses if the children are furry and of the canine or feline persuasion. Turbo, I was wondering if you could take care of this injustice when you become president. Maybe you can get equal rights for all children - human, furry or otherwise. Actually, fur-children should be ranked higher, I think.

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