AHDI Contest #2

Here’s our second contest based on the Adopt a Husky of Dallas website. Same rules as before, but this time we are only asking three questions so that it won’t be as hard. The winner will get this “red hot” lobster stuffie that has a squeaker.

1. Name the pregnant husky who is used as an example of why the rescue needs so much money.

2. How many huskies are currently in vetting and evaluation? (Hint: they haven’t been listed with pictures yet.)

3. Name one of the local obedience clubs listed.

Good luck!

PS. Sitka, Kat's working on a new song, but I hope you're willing to stay up late to see it when she's done! She's got a lot more work to do on it. But as she says, "I have to give my fans what they want."

Shower Device and AHDI Contest #2 Answers

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