Wilbur's Favorite Toys

We’re halfway through Blogathon and I thought I would show you some of my favorite toys. First is my tent, which was one of the answers to the trivia question. I like to climb in it and sleep or attack people who walk by the tent and don’t know I’m in it. It’s great for the shock factor.

I also like my Christmas Beanie Baby. It has a jingle bell in it. Every day my mom puts it back in my room so the furry beasts don’t eat it and every day she comes home to find that I’ve carried it back out of my room to the living room where I want to keep it.

Then there is my tunnel. I commanded my mom to video me so that Tia could see that I do actually go through the tunnel instead of jumping over it. My mom talks to me like I'm an infant. It's so annoying, especially when you have extreme intelligence like I do.


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