Is Sitka a model?

This mousepad came in the mail this week. Mom won it in the ebay auction from Tails of the Tundra. She said she liked it because it was funny and she thought the dog looked like me. However, when we got it, I decided that I wasn't sure if it looked like me, but I thought it looked like Sitka! What do you think?

Mousepad: Me: Sitka:(Sitka's picture is small because I had to copy it from her website, not because I don't think she is worthy of a big picture.) Anyway, Sitka has a snow nose like the puppy on the mousepad, so I just think it looks like her. What if it is her? Maybe she is a model? Mom was going to use the mousepad, but maybe I should get Sitka to pawtograph it since she might be famous. Do you think it's her?


PS. Just so no one is confused, the mousepad is not a Blogathon prize. We'll post more prizes soon.

PPS. This is what the mousepad says. It's so true, as all of us huskies know. Although I personally think that #5 should say "speak husky talk" because my parents try to howl. And for most huskies #6 should say "throw the ball and watch me look at you funny". I like to play ball, but Steve just looks at the ball like, "What? It's a ball. Give me treats."

Siberian Husky
Professional Human Trainer

Will train any human to perform the following basic obedience commands:
1. Fetch me a treat
2. Rub my belly
3. Pick up my poop
4. Wipe my feet
5. Speak baby talk
6. Throw the ball
7. Don't hog the bed
8. Give me a kiss
9. Buy me a toy
10. Fetch me a treat (this one's good!)

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