My treats... gone!

See this bag? To you it probably looks like a bag full of yummy Friskies treats. These are some of my favorite treats.Mom usually keeps my treats in the basket with my toys. That's pretty much a safe thing because I don't ever get any toys out of the basket. I don't really need toys when I can sleep or torment the furry beasts.

So Mom and Dad came home from work to discover this in the middle of the living room floor.A hole chewed through my bag of Friskies treats! And guess what was in the bag? NOTHING! Mom was like, "How did this bag get out here?" The furry beasts were locked up in their kennel. They couldn't have possibly chewed a hole in the Friskies bag and left it in the middle of the living room floor. Mom totally underestimated my abilities to get what I want. She forgets to give me canned food in the morning, I chew a hole through the treat bag and eat all of the treats. Seems fair to me.I don't think she will forget to give me canned food again. She can't expect me to eat dry food all day!


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