Reading is NOT fun... for me

Mom has been re-reading all of the Harry Potter books in preparation for the Book 7 release in July. She's obsessed and loves them so much. I started thinking, "Does Mom love books more than me?" It really got me worrying. I decided that the only solution was to put a stop to her reading. So I jumped on the couch and sat on the book.
Then I gave her a long talking to about how reading is bad and playing with huskies is good. I told her that it's only okay to read if you are (1) reading doggie blogs or (2) reading while I am sleeping.
I hope I got the message across. I was very stern.


PS. I went to the vet today and while this is very embarrassing, I will admit that I have localized demodectic mange. Mom told me that I would have to take a bath every day, but she was just trying to play a joke on me. Really I just have to take some medicine. Since it's on my eyelid, the vet said taking baths with medicated shampoo wouldn't really help me.

My treats... gone!

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