Update on us

Hi, we just wanted to post a quick update. Holly asked us if we were okay since she saw on the news that there had been flooding in our area. (She's such a smart one!)

There has been flooding around here, but not in our neighborhood. We live on a hill and there was like a river of water flowing down the street, so that was pretty cool. In the middle of the night Sunday night/Monday morning, it started lightning and thundering VERY loudly. I got on the bed with Mom and Dad, but I don't think Steve even woke up! I felt better in bed with Mom and Dad, so I went to sleep at their feet, even during the storm. (Dad complained that morning that he didn't have any blankets because I was laying on all of them. Boo hoo for Dad!) Here's a silly picture of us wrestling in the rain. It's kind of blurry because Dad took it out the window and the screen was in the way.
Anyway, we are doing fine. Steve is going to the vet tomorrow, so he will write about what she says about his eye. Mom doesn't think it looks any worse than it did last weekend. She is going to print out the article from the Siberian Husky Health Foundation about zinc deficiencies in case our vet isn't familiar with it. There aren't many Huskies in Texas, so we don't know if she has any other Husky patients.


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