We can swim!

Sorry we haven't written much this week. Mom was busy and we couldn't get on the computer. Since we haven't written, we haven't told you about going swimming last weekend in a lake. It was so fun. We went to a dog park that has a lake section.

When we first got there, Mom and Dad took us to go swimming. Here's our first swimming experience.

After getting used to the water and getting really wet, we went over into the large dog section of the dog park. There was another husky there. He was shaved though, so he wasn't fluffy like Steve or me.See all of that dirt? Steve and I used it to our advantage. Since we were wet from swimming, we wrestled and rolled around in the dirt and managed to get really dirty. Here's a video of us running around. You might not even be able to recognize us because our white fur is all brown.

Once it was about time to go home, Mom and Dad decided that wet puppies in the car would be better than muddy puppies in the car. So we went to the swimming area again to clean off. This time we were much braver and started swimming in the deep end. Then I heard Dad say, "After this, we are going home." So when he started calling my name, I just ignored him. I was just trying to be a good husky!

After we finally got out and walked to the car, Mom and Dad dried us off as much as they could with towels. Once we got home, we had to take a bath because we were still kind of gross. I don't like taking a bath, but it might have been worth it for all of the fun we had at the park!


I'm going bald!

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