Cookies not for me

My mom made cookies this weekend. No, not the good kind, but white chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies. Here's a picture.

Now, when I say, "Not the good kind", I mean that they aren't doggie cookies that are only for me. (and Kat, I guess) No, these cookies were for Mom and Dad. They were very good though. I managed to sneak one off the counter and Dad caught me. I wanted more, but every time I peeked over the counter to see which one I wanted, Mom would say, "No! Off!" So I had to get down. It was really disappointing. I mean, don't you think that if she is going to bake that she should be baking for me? Here's a picture of me lying at the base of the cabinet, pouting because I didn't get any more cookies.

What's a pup to do when he wants cookies really badly, but his mom doesn't give him any? Maybe I should ask the Army of Four. They seem to have all of the answers.


We can swim!

Sick-o Steve-o