My sister the dog park bully

Kat may call me a suck up, but that's not nearly as bad as being a dog park bully like she is. It was really embarrassing. Yesterday, Mom took us to the park. When we first got there, there was only one other dog. (It was in the 40's and humans in Texas are weak so I guess they didn't want to take their dogs outside in the weather.) The other dog's name was Maggie and we played with her and had fun. Then other dogs got there so we played with everyone. After over an hour of playing with Maggie and the other dogs, Kat was wrestling me. She was winning too and that was making me annoyed. Anyway, Maggie came over and wanted to wrestle too, but Kat just snapped at her to get away. I guess Maggie didn't understand that Kat, while looking all cute on the outside, is really a big, bossy meanie. So Maggie tried again to wrestle and at that point, Kat left me and just went at it with Maggie. They were really fighting. Mom was talking to Maggie's mom, so they were right there to break it up, but Mom had never seen Kat so mean. Kat got put on her leash to calm down, but every time a dog even looked at her, she growled and got fluffy at them. So Mom said we had to go home so Kat could calm down. I was ticked off and not ready to leave and tried to refuse to get in the car, but Mom can still lift me, so I had to get in the car anyway.

Mom talked to Dad about what happened and Dad asked if Kat had a toy or something, but Mom said that she was just playing with me. Well, Dad said that Kat must have thought I was her toy and she was getting possessive of me with Maggie. (I don't appreciate being referred to as Kat's toy.) Anyway, Kat was all cranky the rest of the night. She should have been apologizing to me for making me leave the park, but she was just being mean. She needs to apologize to Maggie too because Maggie got in trouble as well. I hope she doesn't do that again at the park because I don't want to have to go home early all the time. And I don't want to arrive at the park only to see a sign that looks like this.
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