My brother the suck up

It's a commonly known fact around our house that Steve is a suck up. He always poses for pictures, sits really fast when he's going to get a treat, and does really goofy things that make Mom and Dad laugh. Well, Tuesday was the first day that he's done some sucking up that actually turned out good for me too.

Tuesday morning, we were in the living room hanging out with Mom before she and Dad left for work. Steve was digging through the toy box for something. Pretty soon, he lifted his head out of the toy box with the Frisbee with the doggie day camp logo in his mouth. It was like he was begging to go to day camp. I mean, look at his face! He's really good because he kept that look on his face while Mom went to get the camera.So Mom said, "Sure Stevie, you and Kat can go to day camp today." (So Steve's sucking up turned out great for me because I got to play with other dogs instead of just Steve.) Then in all of his excitement, he started laughing and of course let Mom take his picture. So at this point, Steve was just living it up like he's the favorite dog. So I decided that I better step up and do something cute. I generally prefer to just be cute because I am cute instead of trying to be cute like Steve does. It just comes naturally for me, but apparently Steve has to resort to using a Frisbee and sucking up. Anyway, I did my best to stick out my tongue and smile and look pretty for a picture. I'd say "Mission Accomplished", don't you agree?

My sister the dog park bully

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