Grown Up Puppies

We got to be really grown up this weekend. Friday night was the first night that Mom and Dad have left our kennel doors open at night. Mom said, "Steve and Kat, you don't have to sleep locked up in your kennels any more, but don't go potty in the house or your privileges will be taken away until you earn them back." They didn't give us free reign over the house, but we could sleep anywhere we wanted in their bedroom or their bathroom. Wilbur even got locked out of the bedroom so it was just us, Mom, and Dad. The first night, Kat and I both slept in our kennels anyway, although Kat says she stuck her tail out the door just to make sure it didn't close on her. The next night, I decided to sleep in the bathroom in front of the shower. (That's a great place to sleep in case you haven't tried it.) Kat still slept in her kennel. She's so weird. Even last night when I went back to my shower spot, she went to her kennel. She doesn't really know how to take advantage of freedom.

Now that we are not locked in our kennels at night, we have better ways to wake up our parents. We used to have to just whine and complain until they woke up to let us out. Now we can either lick their faces until they are dripping slobber or jump on the bed and jump on them. It's super fun. I jumped on Mom yesterday and made her lose her breath. Who knew that 40+ pounds of puppy jumping right on a human's chest would hurt them? I hope we don't forget and accidentally potty in the house and lose our privileges!


I plea not guilty

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