New Dog Park

Today we went to our first event. It was the opening of a new dog park. They had a big ceremony and lots of tents set up where people sold dog treats, collars, bandanas, doggie clothes, and more! Also there were some rescue organizations there, but Kat and I were disappointed to see that a husky rescue wasn't there because we were the only ones representing the northern breeds at the new dog park. When we were looking for a parking spot for our car, we saw a dog from the search and rescue team. He was really excited. Even with all of his gear on, he was jumping several feet of the ground -- with all four paws! That got Kat and me completely pumped up. We couldn't wait for Mom to park the car! Once parked, Mom and Dad got us out of the car and we tried really hard to be good while walking over to the event area, but it was really hard. However, once we got to the event, there was so much going on that we calmed down a little bit. Kat was better at being good than I was. We got there right before 10 AM, because Mom thought that's when they were opening the dog park for the first time, but then they had a big ceremony before it opened at we didn't get in until almost 10:45! Mom and Dad took us over to an area away from all of the action while the people who are in charge of the dog park were thanking all of the people who helped build it. Kat and I were sitting on the ground just waiting to start playing with all of the other dogs that were there. I could tell that the other dogs were dying to get into the new park, just like we were. Finally the humans cut the ribbon and the gates opened. We were polite and let some of the other dogs go in first, but eventually we were inside! Once Mom and Dad unclasped our leashes, we shot off to really greet all of the dogs we had seen during the opening ceremonies. While we were playing, we met this little human who threw his Frisbee for us. We chased it, but he usually had to go get it before throwing it again. He really liked me and played with me nonstop until his Mom told him it was time for him to go home. I'd never really played with a little human before, but I think I like them. Once I was tired, I sat with Kat, Mom, Dad, and my new little human friend to watch the flyball demonstration. Those dogs are good! I would never run over those hurdles to get a ball. Here's a picture. (Mom made the little human fuzzy because she doesn't really know who he was. He doesn't really look like that.)Well, I'm beat from this exciting event. I can't wait until my next one. Mom gave me a hint and said it won't be long. I wonder what could be?


PS. At the dog park, we were told of Siberian husky who wrote about doggie war heroes. We looked up his story online and you can see it too. I never knew that northern breeds were "war dogs" until now, but I always knew huskies and malamutes were the best!

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