Steve's Parts

I saved the best for last so I’m going to post my parts today, in our last installment of "parts".

I’ve got my ears. They still are kind of like rabbit ears, but I’m starting to grow into them.Then there’re my brown eyes. Kat said she has blue eyes like our human dad, well I have brown eyes like our human mom. We take after our parents that way.Next up is my nose and a little bit of my tongue. I have a little bit of dirt on my nose in this picture, even though I’m typically not the one digging holes. I leave that for Kat. Sometimes I have scratches on my nose for tormenting Wilbur. I guess I had been being good when this picture was taken.Here’s my paw. It’s not as speckled as Kat’s.Finally my fluffy tail that Kat wrote about yesterday. Mom says it’s good for sweeping the floor when I’m sitting in anticipation of getting a treat.Steve


Kat's Parts