Kat's Parts

Well, Wilbur just kind of hogged the computer yesterday. I can’t believe he posted his parts before me! Cats. You can’t live with them but you can live without them. (Not if they are spelled with a “k” like me though.) Anywoo, luckily Mom took pictures of us before she left so we could post our parts while she's gone.

Now for my parts. First up, my ear. It’s really furry and Mom thinks furry ears are cute.Next is my eye. It’s nice and blue. That was one of the first things Mom and Dad noticed about me. My pretty blue eyes, just like my dad. (My human dad, that is!)Here’s my nose. Sometimes it is covered with dirt from digging, but in this picture it’s clean.Next we have my polka-dotted paw. It’s pink and black and cute all over.Finally, we have a picture of my rear end. That’s Steve on the left. He’s so much fluffier than I am. I mean, look how fluffy his tail is! Oh wait, this entry is about MY parts. So just ignore Steve. Kat

Steve's Parts

Wilbur's Parts