Check me out, I'm tough

Yesterday I went to the vet without Kat. I had to stay there all day and when I came home, I had a bandage on my front leg. (I think I was also missing some parts down yonder, but that hasn't concerned me much.) Check out how tough I am with my bandage.

I mean, look at me. I'm just lying on my bed like nothing has happened. Kat said, "Oh Stevie! What happened to you today???" She was really worried. But me, I was all like, "What do you mean, sister-dog? I don't feel anything. I'm a tough husky. I feel so good that I could go out and pull a sled 100 miles through the snow." However, Mom and Dad kind of put a damper on my sled pulling plans because they won't let me jump or run around or do anything to show how tough I am with my bandage and stitches. Parents ruin everything.


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