St. Patrick's Day and Training Woes

Did everypuppy have a good St. Patrick's Day yesterday? Mommy put green bows on our collars so we wouldn't get pinched yesterday.

Yesterday we went to training practice like we do almost every weekend. We had a different trainer because our usual one wasn't there. Anyway, the trainer said that we were doing really great on our training "for huskies". Apparently he is wise to the husky ways and knows that we don't like to mind. Guess what else he told my parents? He told them that when they tell us to sit and we do, but we sit on their feet, it's our way of saying, "Fine, I will sit, but I'm still going to dominate you." He told them not to let us sit or lay down on their feet anymore when they were giving us a command because they are supposed to dominate us. This is a warning to all of you blogging dogs. DO NOT let your parents go to dog training. They might learn secrets about doggie behavior that we don't want them to know. Don't let yourself become like we are where we have to mind and be good.


Bye, Bye Mommy

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