Chew toy survey

I am taking a survey. My mom bought us each a nylabone because all of the husky books she has say that you should give your dogs nylabones and not rawhides. A while back she gave us these puppy nylabones but we didn't give those a second whiff. Now she has given us regular nylabones and we don't like those either. Basically we only like things we can eat and Mom says that buying us edible chew bones is going to send her to the poor house. (We don't know where that is, but if it has a big backyard, we might be okay with moving there.) We like the edible nylabones, but not the normal ones, but the edible ones are more than $5 each and Mom says that's too much for something we eat really fast. So for my survey, I want to know what kind of toys that everyhusky likes to chew on. Steve and I will only chew on things that we can eat, but maybe with your help, we can find something we like that we don't devour in less than 30 minutes.

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