Report Cards

We get "Pawgress Reports" at day camp. Mom loves that we get grades because apparently when she was in school, she was quite obsessed at making all "A"s. Since I am such a smart puppy, I usually get all "A"s, but the other day, I got a B in Potty Time. Steve gets good grades too and gets comments on his Pawgress Report like "We love Steve" from his teachers. (I bet he's sucking up to the teacher.) Also, apparently Steve has a girlfriend! (Gross.) Her name is Deja and she is a puppy too. The teacher wrote that they are best friends on Steve's Pawgress Report. My friend's names are Honey, Gus, and Sparky. I don't know what kind of dogs they are, but they are fun. Steve's other friends besides Deja are Gretchen (a boxer), Lo-Jack (a great dane), Jesse (a German shepherd), Hazel (a lab), Logan (another lab), and Piccadilly (an airedale terrier).

Well, that's my day camp update for today. Here's a picture of me on the way home from camp the other day. Boy, camp sure makes me tired!



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