The reason God made grandparents

Last night, the doorbell rang and, of course, Steve and I ran to the door to give our visitors a jumpy, wet greeting. Guess who was there? Our grandma and grandpa from Missouri!! We had never seen them before, but they must have known about us because they brought us Christmas presents! We didn’t see them for Christmas, but they saved presents for us anyway. You will never believe what they gave us. Real bones. That’s right. Not fake bones from Petsmart. (Don’t get me wrong, we do love those.) These are real bones from cows. Our grandpa lives on a farm and he has some cows on his farm so he searched the pasture at his farm for two giant cow leg bones for Steve and for me. They are huge! We’ve never seen a cow in real life, just in pictures on the Army of Four’s blog, but they must be as big as dinosaurs. (Which we have also not seen in real life, but from what we understand, dinosaurs are huge too.) It’s going to take us a long time to eat these bones. I better go so I can get started!


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