Evil Genius at Work

I have been reading on other blogs about the CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency). Unfortunately, I am not a member of this fine organization due to my affiliation with the FBI (Feline Brothers Initiative). The good news is that both organizations are working towards a common goal which is the domination of huskies. We in the FBI have targeted huskies because we know that if we domination huskies we will, in turn, dominate humans. This is our hierarchy of living creatures.

To prove my evil genius and why I have been chosen to be in the FBI, let me just tell you about one of my plots. Sometimes when Mom and Dave go to the movies or to work, and they leave the furry beasts in the cage, they are gone just a little too long and the furry beasts start to have trouble holding their bodily wastes. I am always on the lookout for when this is happening. That is when I spring into action. I secretly climb to the top of the cage and at just the right moment, I jump off of the cage and give them my best roar.
This always scares the crap (literally) out of them. Then they have to wait until Mom and Dave get home to see what they have done. It’s brilliant because it embarrasses them and then I get to watch Mom or Dave scrub down the cage. So really I’m humiliating both husky and human.

Eventually I know that I will no longer be scary to the beasts. So I’m working on phase 2 where I sneakily put their paws in warm water while they are sleeping. I just have to figure out how to transport the water without getting a single drop on me.


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