We're famous again!

Guess what everyhusky? We are the featured blog for February on the husky blogging ring. I am so excited. We have really accomplished a lot in our first four months of life. And who said that looks don't get you anywhere?

We went to the dog park again yesterday. This time I wasn't shy at all. As soon as Mom opened the gate and took off my leash, I ran out and started barking to announce my arrival. Then I ran around to say hi to all of the dogs and people. (Sometimes I like the people more than the dogs.) There were a lot of greyhounds at the park yesterday. I tried to show them how fast I can run, but Mom and Dad didn't want me to go play with them. There was another dog, Maggie, who's human told Mom and Dad that the greyhounds aren't very friendly, so they didn't think I needed to try to play with them. I got to play with other dogs so it was okay. I posted a video of us at the dog park. Here is a picture of Steve and me on the way home from the park. We were really tired!To make all of my husky friends proud, here are some pictures of some fun I had yesterday. I'm not sure that Mom and Dad appreciate my efforts to dig us a basement, but Mom appreciated it enough to take a picture of me doing it. After all, they have been saying that maybe our next house can have a basement. I'm just trying to give them one in this house!


First day of school!

The best day EVER!