First day of school!

Today is my first day of school. (Steve's first day too if you don't count last week when he was at the hotel.) Lately we have been complaining A LOT when it is time for us to get into the kennel when Mom and Dad go to work. So, since we are spoiled rotten (TGWC - thank goodness we're cute!), we are now going to Doggie Day Camp. Here we are this morning before leaving the house. Mom and Dad were taking forever to get ready!

The plan is for us to go to day camp on Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday. Then, on the days when we don't go to day camp, Mom and Dad are going to take us for a long walk in the morning before they go to work and then to the dog park after work. Boy, do we have them trained or what?

As further evidence of their training, Dad says that he used to never get up early, but now, he gets up at 5 AM every day! They don't even need those beeping things to wake them up. Some good old fashioned barking works even better. They always get up for that because they never know when we are barking because we are tired of the kennel or because we need to go potty. So to be safe, they always get up. Yesterday, it was Mom's turn to get up with us, so we got her up at 4:30 AM. We picked that early time because we went for a two mile walk the night before and we couldn't stay awake after that, so we had been sleeping pretty much since 7 PM.
Last night, Steve and I got in a major fight. Mom had given us each an N-bone to eat. Well, I love N-bones, but apparently Steve doesn't like them as much, so he left his almost-like-new bone on the floor. It looked like fair game to me, so I decided to go get it. Boy, did Steve get mad at that! He started barking and we were just a tangle of growling, furry, biting huskies. I think it scared Mom and Dad too. Dad broke up our fighting and Steve got his bone back, but then he just left it on the floor again. I don't know what his problem was. If he doesn't want his bones, why can't I eat them? Brothers are silly.

Happy Valentine's Day!

We're famous again!