Bedroom Steve

Since Dad is gone, I'm the man of the house.  (No matter what Wilbur says.)  I am really taking my new job seriously.  I don't want Dad's side of the bed to be unused, so I have been keeping it warm.

Here I am curling up against the pillows so they don't miss Dad.
Another time I decided to sleep on my back, just like Dad.
Finally I decided to sleep like a person, with my head on the pillow and my front leg over my mom's "cuddle pillow".
Mom says I'm doing a good job keeping her warm at night, so I hope Dad is proud of me.

PS. Dad got a job offer today, so he will be moving up here soon!!  We don't know for sure when, but probably after Christmas.  He'll be here for Christmas too, so we don't have much more time without him!

Sad Day

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