Our new robot

Kat's been being really gross and going potty in the house.  She says that if Mom can go potty in the house, she should be able to as well.  Mom disagrees.  So Mom needed some help cleaning up after Kat and bought a Spot Bot.  She says it works pretty well and she can start it and do other things.  I say that it's really noisy.  Kat hasn't gone potty in the house since the Spot Bot showed up.  I think she realized that if she stopped being bad, then we wouldn't have to listen to the Spot Bot.

Mom told Dad that she should put her engineering skills to use and design a new and improved Spot Bot.  She wants one that drives around behind Kat and if Kat starts to squat, it would detect that she was going to be bad and say "NO!"  Dad drew up a preliminary design.
Mom says this would make millions.


Bedroom Steve

New Dog Park