Tubular Steve

Back during Blogathon, Wilbur posted about the traps in his room that keep us from eating his food. Sometimes when Mom just needs to run into Wilbur's room to do something really quick, she doesn't shut the gate all the way and I follow her in there. So that's what happened the other day. I walked into the room behind Mom. I wasn't sneaking around or anything. After a while, she turned around and this is what she saw.
I DID NOT eat any of Wilbur's food. Of course, that is what Mom thought I was planning to do. How does she know? Maybe I like lying down in tunnels. Or maybe I just wanted a drink from Wilbur's water fountain. Who says I had to be after Wilbur's food?

To get me out of the tunnel, first Dad tried pulling my legs. No budging. So he just picked up the tunnel with me in it and put it out in the open. After that scary experience, I climbed out on my own!


Mission From Turbo: FAILED

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