Christmas Tag!

Steve and I got tagged by the Army of Four to play Christmas tag. The rules are that we have to say three things we do want for Christmas and three things we don't want for Christmas, then get five of our doggie friends to do the same thing. So here we go!

Three things we DO want for Christmas:
1. To not get in trouble when we go to the bathroom in the house
2. Steve wants to get more food than me
3. I want to get a toy that Steve doesn't steal from me

Three things we DO NOT want for Christmas:
1. To have to go outside in the rain
2. Not being allowed in the closet where Wilbur's food and litter box is
3. More of that yucky stuff sprayed on things we want to chew, but Mom and Dad do not want us to chew

Here are the doggies we are tagging: Moonshadow, Macie & Malechai, Turbo, IndyPindy, and Althea.

We got our pictures taken with Santa today! So we told him what we wanted for Christmas and that we could pull his sled for him if the reindeer got sick or forgot how to fly.


What is happening to my voice?!?!?

I'm Famous!