I'm Famous!

I'm only 8 1/2 weeks old and I have already gotten famous! This is what happens when you're as cute as I am. Anyway, the Army of Four posted a picture of Steve and me because they think I look like one of their older sisters. I must say I agree! She was super cute. No wonder her name was Lucky! She also looked very pretty when she grew up to an adult dog, so I know that I have good looks to look forward too. So I'm glad that my new blogger friends are making me famous! Mommy says that she could "totally" get addicted to blogging. I'm not sure why she can get addicted. Since when does she blog? Steve, Wilbur, and I do all the blogging.

Mom also saw that the Army of Four humans adopted two puppies at a time when they got Lucky and she is wondering how they ever survived. Mom and Dad are really having trouble training Steve and me because we absolutely can't stand to be apart. They take us outside to potty, but instead we just play. We never want to play with Mom and Dad, just each other. So Mom says that if any huskies have ideas on how to deal with two puppies at once, they should let her know. I personally don't see why she has such a problem with us not wanting to potty outside or be apart or play with her, but I guess she feels left out. Maybe she secretly wishes she could potty all over the house and bite and wrestle nonstop.


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