Gus does chores

While David was busy redoing our floors, other household chores were ignored. After the holidays, we have been working to catch up on those jobs. 

One weekend, David repainted the back door. Gus was very helpful to assist in removing the door from its hinges. 


It’s good Gus was being so helpful because it is his fault the door got scratched up and started rusting. Gus can open the back door to come back inside and he is really good at it. However, during the process by which he became really good at opening the back door, he also put a lot of scratches in the door and messed up the paint. Hopefully now that the door is repainted, it will last longer because now Gus hits the handle every time and doesn’t scratch the door. 

While David worked on the door, I trimmed the bushes. Or should I say Gus and I trimmed the bushes. 


Gus is always eager to be in the middle of things — I mean help! 

PS. Steve and Kat were enjoying a nice nap on the patio. They love to relax while Gus is otherwise occupied. 

Canine Coworkers

It’s cold outside