Gus goes on an adventure

Editor's note: We are going to attempt to start blogging again, but from Valerie's perspective. Our blog will still be dog focused because our family is dog focused, but we are also going to include posts about things that we do without Steve, Kat, and Gus.

On Saturday, we took Gus to an ice cream social at a local dog store, Phydeaux and Friends. I have been feeling guilty about not taking Gus on adventures. We have done so much with Steve and Kat over the years, but it is much harder to take three dogs places than it was to take two. This time, we decided to take Gus solo. He loves other dogs, so he is much better to take to dog events anyway. With Steve and especially Kat, we have to steer clear of the other dogs.

Gus got some peanut butter, bacon, and banana ice cream. Before our adventure, I hadn't seen dog ice cream in the sleeves before. It took Gus a while to catch on to eating it. It was really cute. At first he was just licking the ice cream so gently. Eventually Gus figured it out and started biting off big chunks. The ice cream didn't last long after that!


Phydeaux and Friends is a really nice store. I don't have any pictures from inside the store because Gus was all over the place smelling things. A cat rescue had some kittens in the store and Gus was really intrigued. Since he didn't overlap at all with Wilbur, he's really never seen cats much. We bought him some treats, including some puff treats that are like Cheetos puffs, but sausage flavored.

After the ice cream social, we went to The Domain. Dogs are allowed all around the shopping area. David wanted to take a look at the Tesla shop to see if they had a Model 3 or knew when they would get one. (They didn't and don't.) Gus and I found a shady spot to wait and he got lots of pets and attention. One person commented on how soft he is, which is totally true. Gus is much softer than we remember Steve and Kat ever being.


One funny thing about The Domain - We had to park one floor up in the parking garage and Gus did NOT want to go down the stairs. I had to be in front of him and David basically had to push him down the stairs. It's a mystery what was bothering him about the stairs. He doesn't have problems with the stairs from the patio to the yard or the stairs at David's parents' house.

We had a good time out and about with Gus. He was really well behaved, so we need to do a better job at taking him places so he can continue to be a good boy.

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