Day Camp Memories

A few weeks ago, Gus went to day camp for a few days. David handled his drop off and pick up, but it made me reminisce about when Steve and Kat were puppies and went to day camp. I have one memory in particular that I have never shared on the blog because when it happened, I didn't want everyone to think I was a bad dog mom. Now that Steve and Kat have survived 11 years with me, I think I can come clean! 

When Steve and Kat were less than 1 year old, we took them to the PetSmart PetsHotel a couple times per week for day camp. A new PetsHotel had opened near our house in Fort Worth and it was really nice.  Steve and Kat loved going. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot, they would start to go crazy.

We usually dropped them off around 7:15 AM, so nothing was open in the shopping center except the PetsHotel. One morning, I opened the back door to the Civic, and grabbed the leashes. Except I only had a hold of Steve's leash and Kat jumped out of the car without me holding her leash. She ran right up to the front of the PetSmart, stood and waited for the automatic doors to open, then ran through the store to the PetsHotel. I was terrified and chasing behind her, but it all worked out. She knew where she was going. I'm just thankful it happened when there was no other traffic around and she was on a mission.

The pictures below are from when Steve went to the PetsHotel for a few days after Kat got spayed. We didn't know how we would keep Steve and Kat from playing, so we sent Steve off on vacation while Kat recovered. I was really impressed that the PetsHotel staff collected his baby teeth! 


Making the bed with canine assistance

Pretty puppies