2017 Cruise #2 - Lazy Sea Day

Tuesday of the cruise was a sea day. We were really booking it to get to Sint Maarten after going out of the way for the eclipse. In the morning, we went and played mini golf. On Oasis, the mini golf course is at the back of the ship. That worked a lot better than on Liberty where it is in the front. My ball didn't blow around in the wind and my hair wasn't constantly in my face!


We also watched the first half of the Belly Flop contest. It was really fun. Our cruise director, Tim Connors, is a great host for game shows and he made everything really fun. We had to leave the Belly Flop contest early to go on a Cabin Crawl that I found out about on web forums. We got to see other types of rooms. The best was that we saw a Crown Loft Suite. It was super nice! Too bad the suites are incredibly expensive. We probably won't ever spring for one, so it was nice to see it at least once.


We had dinner at 150 Central Park. It was really delicious and the waiter was excellent. I like the Central Park atmosphere for the specialty restaurants on Oasis.

The pups were still having a good time in our absence. Steve took some time to look like SuperDog.


2017 Cruise #2 - Sint Maarten

2017 Cruise #2 - Eclipse Day!