2017 Cruise #2 - Set Sail Day

We packed up our things on Sunday morning and walked over to the Hertz rental car building in the hotel parking lot. David had already returned the car while I was getting ready. Hertz is a little more expensive than some other rental car companies, but for getting from Orlando to a cruise ship, it was great. Their shuttle was free and we didn't have to wait in line.

Once we got to the cruise terminal, the onboarding process was really smooth. This time we were Crown and Anchor gold members (the lowest membership level), but we still got to go through a quicker line and were on board the ship probably less than 20 minutes after we walked into the building. The lady at the desk who checked us in at the port said that Oasis was completely sold out -- 6500 guests.


Once on board, we started exploring the ship. We boarded on Deck 5, the Royal Promenade level. Balloons were hung in big groups along the ceiling.


Then we went up to Deck 6. Our room was on Deck 6, but we couldn't get into our room until 1:00 pm. We checked out the boardwalk and carousel. Lakyn should have been with us so she could ride the carousel.


Next we went up to Deck 8 and walked through Central Park. We stopped at Park Cafe and had lunch. We enjoyed our lunch but didn't end up going back to Park Cafe the rest of the cruise. I'm not sure why.


After lunch, we went up to Deck 15 to check out the pools. We also took some pictures of the surrounding area.


In this picture, you can see the VAB in the distance. There were also some dolphins swimming near the small boat, but I didn't end up getting a picture of them.


We set sail around 3:30. A Carnival ship left about the same time (visible in the distance of this picture.)


That night, we ate at the main dining room. We did My Time Dining this time and we liked it. It gave us a lot more flexibility of when we ate. After dinner, we went to the Frozen in Time show at the ice rink. The skaters did a good job, but I didn't really follow the story. The coolest thing was this lady who drew in sand. Her drawings were projected onto a big screen. I can't really describe it, but it was amazing.

The night ended with a balloon drop at midnight to start the Eclipse Day celebration. I've always wanted to participate in a balloon drop, so it was fun.


2017 Cruise #2 - Eclipse Day!

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