I'm a graduate!

Yesterday was my last day of puppy preschool. I was pretty nervous because I knew there was going to be a final exam. When we got to school, Ms. Roiya had all of us line up for the test.

At the first station, we had to do three sits. I'm pretty good at sit, so that was no problem.

Next we went to the second station where we had to demonstrate a boundary stay - aka - place. I'm great at getting on my bed when told "place," but less great at staying on it. I got off once before Dad said "Okay" but otherwise I did okay.

After that, we went to the third station, where I was supposed to do three downs. I reluctantly did some downs for Mom but then when Dad took the leash, I did some great downs. Mom was jealous of Dad's technique.

Fourth we did name recognition. I love that exercise because I get lots of treats just for looking at Mom.

Finally, we did some polite greetings. This is where I really excelled. I was the only puppy who didn't jump on the stranger. After it was all said and done, I passed the test! It was time to graduate. I put on my mortarboard.

Then Ms. Roiya gave all of the graduates Frosty Paws. It was my favorite part!


I'm ready to graduate every day!


No ice cream face

It's too hot to run around