Quick takes

Here are some random things that happened to me this week.

1. Dad got the hose out to water down some of my "deposits" in the yard. (Sometimes the deposits are not substantial enough to pick up.) I decided to help, but I got stuck in the hose.

2. We spend a lot of time outside now because we all get along a lot better outside. I've discovered that hanging out on the hammock is pretty comfortable.

3. I started learning a new command at preschool. It's called "place." It's supposed to teach me that when Mom or Dad says place, I have to get on my bed and not leave it until they tell me "okay!" So far it involves a lot of eating treats on the bed.


4. Also in preschool this week, we had to practice standing on a ball. Apparently it's supposed make me more confident and make me have strong muscles. It also involved a lot of eating treats, so it was okay.

Have a good weekend!


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