January BarkBox

Our January Barkbox arrived a couple weeks ago. It was a winter theme this month. Unfortunately we don't have much winter around here, so we have to pretend.

The first thing in the box was a snowflake! It wasn't very cold, but it was squeaky, so that's always nice. I wondered if I could use the snowflake to be like Elsa from Frozen and create more snow, but so far that has not worked.

Next we received some Blizzard Bites cookies. They are molasses and ginger flavored. They are pretty tasty, but not as good as what we discovered next...

FISH SKINS! They smell disgusting and it is heavenly. Plus they have to be good for us, right?

We also got a moo tube. Just one though, so we had to flip a coin on who got it and Kat won.

Finally we had a box of pork stew. Mom mixed it in with our kibble and we really liked it. Mom liked that it hid Kat's vitamins and she gobbled them up without an argument.

I bet our next Barkbox will be a Valentine theme, but we shall see! That's what we like so much about the boxes. It's always a surprise.


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