We finally subscribed to BarkBox

We have been wanting to subscribe to BarkBox for so long. Finally Mom caved in when they had a one-month-free promotion. Our first BarkBox arrived recently and we were super excited. Of course, Mom made us wait to open it.

It smelled really good.

There were several items in the box. First up was a squeaky fish. Knowing us, it will be donated to the animal shelter in no time. It's not that there is anything wrong with the fish, just that it's not our type of toy.

Next up was a package of Coconut Baked Barkers. Very fitting for us as we are quite fond of Barkers.

Next there was a crunchy duck chew. It smelled yummy!

Also in the box was a pina colada smoothie. Perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. I will probably let Kat have the smoothie so I can have the duck chew.

Finally there was a bag of chicken jerky treats - made and sourced in the USA!

I'd say it was a pretty successful box!

So far we have tried the Barkers and the jerky.

I give both four paws up, especially the jerky. We LOVED it and did all our tricks to get some.


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