Solo Trip to Petco

The other day, Mom and Dad took Steve and me on separate adventures. At the apartment complex entrance, we went our separate ways. 


Bye Steve and Dad! 

I wasn't sure where Mom and I were going. I thought we might stop at Checkers for ice cream cups, but we walked right on past Checkers.


Next I thought we might stop at McDonalds for ice cream cones, but we kept going. I was really confused, so I gave Mom a look to try to figure out her plan.


Finally we got to a shopping center. We walked past Best Buy and Old Navy. I tried to go inside Ross because the doors magically opened for me, but Mom said that wasn't our destination. Finally we got to the very last store in the shopping center and guess what! It was Petco! Mom let me walk down every aisle to figure out exactly what I wanted to buy.


Since I had ice cream on the brain, I selected some dog smoothies. We will post about those next time. 

Mom said I was a very good girl at Petco. She thinks maybe the one-mile walk to Petco helped take the edge off. While we were at the store we saw a dad and young girl there with their dog and the girl was holding the leash. That always makes Mom really nervous because she never knows if the kid will keep a good hold on the leash. We didn't have an issues this time because Mom made sure we kept our distance from them. 


Smart Pup Smoothies

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