Goodbye to our Charlottesville Vet

I needed to go to the vet for my annual checkup last week. Even though we are now living with Dad in Maryland, Mom still wanted to take me to the vet in Charlottesville since she liked our vet there so much.  So that meant I had to spend 3 hours riding to the vet.


Once I got to the vet, I got weighed. I had gained 5 ounces, so the vet was happy about that. Of course, I'm still very skinny, but not as skinny as last year. (On a side note, I am now eating Instinct cat food with raw boost and I like it a lot.) 

Of course, what I don't like a lot is being at the vet, so I tried to hide under a bench. 


Even though I think I was pretty hard to detect under the bench, it didn't fool Dr. Kramer or my mom and I still had to get my exam and a shot. All of my vitals were good and I got a clean bill of health. Dr. Kramer tried to make nice by giving me some treats at the end, but I didn't fall for it. I think Steve ate the treats when I got home because they fell out of my carrier.

For the three hour drive home, Mom let me out of my carrier in case I had to go to the bathroom. I spent the rest of the ride in the backseat instead of bothering Mom like I usually do if she lets me out of my carrier.


Don't worry though, I'm still wild and crazy because I didn't wear a seatbelt! 



PS. We want to thank Dr. Kramer and all of the staff at Old Dominion Animal Hospital for taking care of us the last three years. We will miss them! 

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