Celebrate with ice cream, come on!

One thing we did after we finished exams was go to McDonalds for ice cream. At our McDonalds we can get three ice cream cones for $1.60, so it's quite the deal.

Here we are in line. McDonalds was really busy so everyone must have been celebrating with ice cream.


I gave Mom the sad eyes to try to get her to also order me a hamburger, but no luck.


Mom told me that the dog that her parents had when she was born, Nip, loved McDonalds hamburgers and that mom's Grandpa used to take him through the drive through and just ask the drive thru employee to unwrap the hamburgers and give them to Nip. (Nip rode in the back of the pickup, not something we recommend as safe.) Nip would eat all of the hamburger, but he didn't like pickles, so he picked those off. I wonder if I would like pickles. I will probably never know because Mom won't order me a hamburger!

I guess I won't complain too much because don't these cones look yummy?


Trust me, they were!


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