My new puppy

Did I get you to click excitedly that I might have gotten a new puppy? Well, I did, but it's not an actual puppy. Kat doesn't want one. What a party pooper!

Anyway, when my cousin Special K was here recently, she brought her huskies. She has two, which are named Husky and Other Husky. We gave her Husky when she was born and we gave her Other Husky last year for her first birthday. Anyway, I really liked Other Husky. I tried to steal him every chance I got. Once Aunt Kari hid him on the bed, but that didn't stop me! I still got him. 

So last Friday, Mom was at Hobby Lobby. That's the kennel where we bought Other Husky last year. I guess Hobby Lobby had another litter because they had a bunch of Other Husky look-a-likes! Since Mom loves me so much, she got me one.


Isn't he cute? I played with my puppy Friday night so much. Then Saturday morning, Kat stole him from me. I was pretty upset, so Dad came and rescued my new puppy from Kat and gave him back to me.


Whew! I need to name my husky. I think if I use Special K's naming convention, it's name should be Yet Another Husky. 


Happy Howloween!

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