Our Balcony

Our new apartment has a really great balcony. It's big enough that Mom and Dad can fit our old patio set on it. As some of you might remember, we had that patio set in Seattle and I loved to sit on it.

Well, nothing has changed. 


I also like to lay on it. 


The balcony is a great place for Kat and I to keep watch of our neighborhood. Nothing happens in the apartment complex that we don't know about. It also helps people know they are at our house. Last weekend, we had some visitors and they knew they were at our house because they saw us!

Unfortunately our awesome balcony also has an electric outlet. That means Dad can blow out our fluff out there. 


Maybe our fluff disperses further since it begins its journey from an elevated platform. I guess that's good. Birds everywhere need fluff for their nests. 




Lake Run